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MotoGP selects Energica Ego for new electric motorcycle series

FIM Moto-e World Cup single-make racing series kicks off in 2019.

Dorna, the promoter for MotoGP, has just announced that the Energica Ego motorcycle will form the basis of its upcoming pure-electric racing class, FIM Moto-e World Cup. The Italian bike will join the global motorcycle racing championship as a support series at select venues beginning in 2019.

The single-make series will run a tuned version of the Ego shown here, a street bike offering 145 horsepower and a governed top speed of 150 mph.

According to Autosport, initial races are expected to attract around 15 to 20 entrants, with each race lasting around 10 laps. That suggests that a mid-race battery change may not be necessary (street-spec Energica Egos have an 11.7-kWh battery, enough for a range of 80-100 miles).

It's not clear what types of modifications will be made to the street bike for series use, but the Ego has already been active in competition, having recently logged a seventh-place finish at the 2017 Isle of Man TT Zero, a challenging 37.73-mile race for electric motorbikes that saw the Energica average 78.8 mph.

MotoGP has yet to confirm what venues will host the Moto-e World Cup.