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Most powerful Ferrari ever? I'll take two, please.

Ferrari teases its 599 replacement in a web video, claiming the new V-12-powered model will be the "most powerful Ferrari ever."

Ferrari F620 GT mule

Ferrari just rolled out a short teaser video announcing the dawning of "a new era of extreme V-12 cars." Speculation around the 'Net indicates that the Italian automaker will be pulling the wraps off of the successor to its 599 grand tourer: the F620 GT.

Expect the new vehicle to carry its V-12 engine--possibly sourced from or based on the V-12 that powers the Ferrari FF shooting brake--up front and under an elongated hood. Like the 599 it aims to replace, the new model will probably also send its power exclusively to the rear-axle. And if this is, in fact, the "most powerful Ferrari ever" as the video claims, it'll also have to output more than the Ferrari 599 GTO's 661-horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque, but we're unsure by how much. (Of course, we're guessing that Ferrari's not counting the 720-horsepower 599XX in it's "most powerful" claim, as that limited-run race car wasn't exactly street legal.)

Check out the video below to hear the V-12 engine sing as the camouflaged vehicle is taken for a test run. Then stay tuned for the new model's unveiling on February 29th.