Most CNET UK readers would buy an electric car, according to our poll

We asked you whether you'd buy an electric car and the poll results are in. You've voted in your hundreds and the numbers speak for themselves.

The results for last week's electric car poll are in and a clear majority of you say you would take the plunge and buy an electric vehicle (EV). You absolute bunch of hippies.

At the time of writing, a healthy 49.8 per cent you of said yes, you absolutely would buy an EV. Just over a third, 36.9 per cent of you, weren't convinced, saying the technology wasn't quite ready for mainstream use.

The number of people who weren't fans of EVs at all was very low. Just 7.7 per cent of our 405 respondents couldn't be swayed at all, saying they'd never buy an EV in a million years. 5.6 per cent said you'd rather stick with public transport.

On the whole, your attitudes to electric cars appeared relatively positive. Reader Tom Doherty has already signed up to buy one, possibly even two electric cars, commenting, "Waiting to get on the Leaf list. [I'm] already on the iMiEV list." Darren Griffin, meanwhile, said, "We're a two car household and I'd buy an EV in a heartbeat. They will be at the top of my shopping list when I come to replace one of our cars."

One reader, John Wilson, said, "I already have one." Curiously, according to his Facebook profile, John works for the Shell Oil Company. Make of this what you will.

Those who voiced anti-EV sentiments seemed most concerned with their high purchase price and the cost of replacing worn-out batteries. Reader Mike0124 said, "They are too expensive both in initial cost and battery replacement. There are insufficient charge points even in cities and who is going to sit around for three hours waiting for the battery to recharge?" Quite a lot of people, it would seem.

If you've yet to vote, fret not. We're going to leave the poll open to see how people's opinions on electric vehicles change as these new cars develop. Head on over to our poll page, cast your vote and don't forget to hit the 'like' button on our Facebook page while you're at it.