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Moshi Lifestyle

Moshi announces world's second true hands-free car speakerphone

Moshi, a company best known for its voice controlled alarm clock, debuts its first Bluetooth speakerphone, but the feature set looks awfully familiar.

Moshi Bluetooth car speakerphone
Moshi, a company best known for its voice-controlled alarm clock, debuts its first Bluetooth speakerphone. Moshi Lifestyle

Not long ago, we took a look at the BlueAnt S4, a Bluetooth device that claimed to be the world's first truly hands-free voice-controlled speakerphone. Now, from a company that's best known for its voice-controlled alarm clocks, we meet what could be the world's second: the Moshi Bluetooth Car Speakerphone.

The functionality of the device is familiar. After powering on and pairing the Moshi Bluetooth Car Speakerphone with your phone, the device sits listening for an activation command. When the user says, "Hello, Moshi," the device responds by granting voice access to any of its 13 spoken commands.

By using an activation command, drivers are able to keep their hands on the steering wheel, instead of fumbling with a voice command button.

Users are able to pair and unpair the unit; set and call up eight speed-dial entries (three of which are reserved for home, office, and voice mail); ask for a list of commands; redial the last incoming or outgoing calls; check the battery; or cancel a call by speaking to the Moshi speakerphone. Users can also bypass Moshi's system and gain access to their handset's voice command system.

Moshi's speakerphone also features noise suppression and echo cancellation, and a claimed six to seven hours of talk time. Like the aforementioned BlueAnt S4, the Moshi features a removable visor clip that attaches to the unit with magnets.

The Moshi Bluetooth Car Speakerphone is available now at an MSRP of $79.99 at Moshi Lifestyle.