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More on the Toyota Prius

In the second edition video blog on the Toyota Prius we get another look at some of the distinguishing features of this hybrid heavyweight.

With Toyota's name all over TV and the news within the last couple of months, I figured it timely to show that not all things associated with Toyota are bad. In the specific case of the Toyota Prius, the Japanese manufacturer has honed and crafted a trendsetting, forward-thinking hybrid car that's gone from novelty to an almost universally accepted automobile. In yesterday's video we got a good sampling of the modern Prius' many notable features, but we didn't get a look at everything. And that's why I've got another clip on this very cool car.

Yeah, some of this we went over in yesterday's video, but they left out a couple things that get air time here. For starters, at the 0:30 mark we finally get a look under the hood of the 2010 Prius, which has a bigger engine than previous generations. Sure, it means more power, but does that mean it also gets worse gas mileage? Find out here. From there the narrator goes on to discuss the touch key system on the steering wheel for adjusting things like stereo volume and climate control as well as the three different driving modes you can select for the Prius. These modes help drivers get the most out of their drive whether you want to conserve your gas or maximize car power. And the video concludes with a three way head-to-head comparison of gas efficiency between the Prius and two hybrid competitors--the Ford Fusion and the Honda Insight. I'm not one to spoil a game, so why don't you just watch and find out?