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More chargers than gas stations? It's a reality in Manhattan

Tesla's ramping up its charging presence in Manhattan, which means electrons will be even easier to come by than good ol' hydrocarbons.

The look of a CityBridge hotspot in Manhattan.

Remember when electric vehicles started hitting dealerships and early adopters bemoaned the lack of supporting infrastructure? We've come a long way since then, and it's becoming easier every day to get your EV juiced up. On the island of Manhattan, it's already easier than going to the gas station.

The New York Post reports that Tesla plans to expand the number of Manhattan-based chargers to 105 by the end of this month. That will positively dwarf the 40 gas stations located on the island, which can feature waits up to 40 minutes during busy times.

In fact, the Post points out that, as of this week, 68 garages feature Tesla chargers, so we've already passed the point where gas stations are straight-up outnumbered. But whereas most chargers up until this point have been installed at hotels and the like, the company is now starting to make a push for installing chargers in parking garages.

That's some good timing, considering the company is just about to unveil its next vehicle, the significantly more affordable Model 3 sedan.

Sadly, its new chargers won't be the super-fast Superchargers that Tesla loves to tout. They'll be what Tesla calls "destination chargers," slower chargers near points of interest that allow owners to juice on the go. They add about 60 miles of range per hour plugged in, so while you won't get a full charge while out on the town, it's better than nothin'. Even better, most of them will be free for Tesla owners.