Mopar makes the 2020 Jeep Gladiator even better

Jeeps are made to be customized. Mopar is there to help.

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2020 Jeep Gladiator Mopar
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Jeep Wranglers and Mopar accessories go together like white on rice. So with the new Wrangler-based Gladiator pickup, it's only fitting that Jeep is presenting a slew of Mopar goodies alongside the truck's debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show . Here's how we'd spec ours.

First things first, add the two-inch lift kit. Sure, the Rubicon already has 11 inches of ground clearance, but just like you can never be too rich, you can never have enough clearance. When that lift isn't quite enough, rock rails can save the day. These heavy-duty steel rails that run along each side of the Jeep protect the body when sliding over rocks and debris on the trail. Add the Mopar five- and seven-inch LED lighting package so you can keep wheeling until way after the sun goes down.

Watch this: Take your Jeep Gladiator to the next level with Mopar acccessories

Lower on our list of must-haves, but still totally desirable, are the two-inch tubular half doors. They provide protection from larger elements you might find while wheeling, think tree trunks and large rocks on narrow trails, while still allowing that open-air feeling Jeep is famous for.

Those who will be using their Jeep Gladiator to haul things will definitely want to pick up a set of lockable drawers for the bed. They make great use of the space, holding 200 pounds of gear, while up top, various rails and carriers can hold bikes, snowboards or whatever adventure items you might have. On either side of the drawers is a built-in cooler for beverages.

Folks who put a premium on performance can get more power and torque thanks to a cat-back exhaust and cold-air intake.

2020 Jeep Gladiator gets the Mopar treatment

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And hey, if you just want your Jeep Gladiator to look cool, there are all kinds of appearance goodies include storage bags, fancy-pants leather seats, decals and a mesh top to keep the worst of the sun off your head.

In all Mopar will offer 200 aftermarket parts for the 2020 Jeep Gladiator. Mopar says most should be available when the vehicle arrives at dealerships the second quarter of 2019.