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Newest Monopoly token is a Ford Mustang

Now you can take the ubiquitous pony car for a spin as you build your own in-game empire.

It's just a bit cheaper than buying a full-size Mustang.


For the longest time, the sole automotive playing piece for Monopoly enthusiasts was the 1930s-ish Grand Prix racer. But that's about to change with the introduction of a new token -- a 2015+ Ford Mustang.

Sadly, this piece isn't coming along for the ride in a standard Monopoly box. Instead, it's part of Monopoly Empire. Empire is basically the same game as standard Monopoly, but instead of buying up addresses nobody knows, it's all about accumulating and growing "brands." Sounds right up a millennial's alley.

Considering the sheer number of brands at play in this kit, and what it might cost to get your company's name on a space, we're betting Monopoly walked away from Empire's development in the black before a single box was sold.

Regardless, if you're one of those folks that must have everything remotely related to the Mustang, you'll want to add "go to the toy store" to your to-do list.