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Mitsubishi to launch new crossover

At the 2010 Geneva auto show, Mitsubishi will debut the ASX crossover.

Mitsubishi ASX
The ASX crossover has the same big snout as the Lancer and Outlander. Mitsubishi

With its big snout, this car looks like the new Outlander, but Mitsubishi brings its jet-fighter intake to an all-new car, the ASX cross-over. Smaller than the Outlander, the ASX launches in Europe at the 2010 Geneva auto show. In Japan, the car is called the RVR, and goes on sale in February.

Mitsubishi ASX

Although the ASX will launch with a number of engine choices, Mitsubishi highlights only one, a new turbocharged 1.8-liter diesel. Cars equipped with this engine also get an idle-stop feature, saving fuel in traffic. The ASX gets a six-speed manual transmission.

Mitsubishi hasn't indicated a U.S. version, and we think it unlikely, as the Outlander already fits into the small SUV segment here.