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Mitsubishi teases yet another plug-in crossover ahead of Paris

Debuting this October, the Ground Tourer concept is a cleverly named car that sticks to Mitsu's current business direction, which is to say, "things that aren't necessarily exciting."

Mitsubishi Motors Ground Tourer Concept

When in doubt, make something up. That appears to be the idea behind the name of Mitsubishi's latest concept, which will debut at the Paris Motor Show in October. Whereas "grand tourer" is a well-established concept in automotive parlance, Ground Tourer speaks of something else entirely.

A grand tourer, in the traditional sense, is a luxury automobile, traditionally packing two doors and capable of cruising at high speeds for long periods, among other qualifiers. It should be all about the driver, and it should probably be rear-wheel drive. It appears Mitsubishi's Ground Tourer is a couple of those things, at least.

For starters, it's a plug-in hybrid, which is best known for maximizing electric-only driving distance at the expense of things like speed. Sure, there's instant torque from the electric motors, but hybrids traditionally return lower fuel economy on the highway, so a highway car this necessarily ain't.

However, it does appear to put the focus on being plush. Mitsubishi promises its car will be quiet, comfortable and "luxuriously crafted," traits that most grand tourers generally adhere to. It's highly doubtful, though, that the car will have any sort of rear-wheel drive -- if anything, it will be an all-wheel drive system, likely with a strong front-axle bias. Hey, at least the engine's in the front...I think.

This sort of pedantry will continue until Mitsubishi finally brings this concept out from the shadows. The Paris Motor Show kicks off in the third week of October.