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Mitsubishi shows production electric car, announces pricing

On the heels of Subaru's announcement of its Stella electric car, Mitsubishi provides details for its i-Miev electric car.


Not to be outdone by Subaru's earlier announcement of the Stella electric car, Mitsubishi gave full details on the production i-Miev electric car, including sales volume plans and pricing.

Mitsubishi has been aggressive in pushing its electric car plans by putting its i-Miev into test fleet operations and showing it off at auto shows. The company even let journalists drive one at the Detroit auto show.

Mitsubishi i-Miev
The i-Miev fits four passengers for zero-emission driving. Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi announced that it would begin selling the i-Miev electric car in late July, matching the timing of Subaru's Stella electric car sales. But the i-Miev will initially only be available to corporations and government groups. Sales to private buyers will not commence until April 2010.

Unlike Subaru, which will only sell 170 Stella electric cars, Mitsubishi is planning on producing 1,400 i-Mievs for corporate and government lessees. The i-Mievs will go for 4,380,000 yen, or about $45,300 at current exchange rates. Japanese buyers of the i-Miev would qualify for a $14,300 subsidy for electric vehicles from the Japanese government.

The i-Miev uses a lithium ion battery pack and a 47-kilowatt electric motor to get a range of 100 miles. Recharging the batteries from a quick charger takes 30 minutes, while recharging from a 200 volt outlet takes seven hours. Regenerative brakes help recharge the battery pack during driving.

Mitsubishi has designed the i-Miev with all the amenities of a production vehicle, including electrically powered climate control with air conditioning. All exterior lighting, including headlights, are LED. Mitsubishi specifies an optional navigation system with a 7-inch display and a solid-state drive for map storage.

The company has even worked out which color schemes will be available at launch.