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Mitsubishi plans to ruin 'Evolution' name with new SUV concept

As if it wasn't bad enough that Eclipse got caught up in this mess.


Mitsubishi has yet another SUV concept in store, this time for the Tokyo Motor Show. And much like its last SUV reveal, it's going to carry a name that's sure to tick off most enthusiasts.

In late October, Mitsubishi will unveil the e-Evolution Concept at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. The automaker hasn't given out too many details yet, but it promises this is "the start of an exciting new era." It will be all-wheel drive and electric with "advanced artificial intelligence technology," whatever that means.

If you can't hear it, I'm sighing very dramatically.


Mitsubishi first started irking enthusiasts when it introduced the Eclipse Cross, a crossover that's relatively unremarkable but somewhat interesting to look at. The Eclipse was one of Mitsubishi's sports cars in the 1990s, but clearly, Mitsubishi believes the ship has sailed on producing vehicles that aren't crossovers.

As much as we may hate it, the formula is simple: Mitsubishi needs money and sales, and SUVs provide both of those things in the 21st century auto industry. Niche sports cars do almost nothing to move a company's bottom line, unless that company specializes in high-end machinery, like McLaren. In order to ensure its new SUVs carry broader appeal, Mitsubishi has dipped into the badges of old. Some of us might not like it, but that's the way it is.

We'll learn more about the e-Evolution Concept when it debuts in Tokyo in late October.