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Mitsubishi's latest concept is yet another SUV

The car maker's designers realize there are other vehicle types, right?

It's not not handsome, but there's always plenty of time for that to change between now and when production begins.


Mitsubishi sure does love itself a sport utility vehicle. The company's cut down its US offerings to where its bread-and-butter products are crossovers, and most of its auto-show concepts have also been utility vehicles over the last few years. When it came time to roll out yet another concept, this time for the Indonesia International Auto Show, what do you think Mitsubishi came up with?

In a move that will likely shock most citizens of Earth into a state of total death, Mitsubishi's trotting out a new SUV concept. It follows in the visual footsteps of the current Outlander and other concepts, with Mitsubishi's "Dynamic Shield" design language lending it a rather powerful looking front end.

But of course, it can't just be a utility vehicle. Heavens, no! That would be too simple for a concept car. Instead, it's adopted a whole load of sporty characteristics, like deep fender flares and, for some reason, "generous ground clearance." I'm not calling ground clearance, Mitsubishi is. Yeah, I don't get it, either. Inside, despite its compact frame, it's packing three rows of seats. That's all I can really say, because Mitsubishi didn't bother to supply more than the one picture.

Unlike other concepts, this one's likely heading to production, albeit with the design language turned down a notch or two. It's set to be built in Indonesia, which makes sense given its debut location. Carscoops says production begins in late 2017, so if it's got a chance of heading to the US, there's a good chance we'll see it announced during this year's forthcoming auto-show circuit.

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