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Mitsubishi GT-PHEV concept could presage its next-gen SUVs

It'll appear in the flesh(?) at the Paris Motor Show this month.

Please, Mitsubishi, put something this attractive into production.


Wondering what the next generation of Mitsubishi SUVs will look like? If the automaker's latest concept, which is destined for the Paris Motor Show, is any indicator, the future will be a pretty one.

The GT-PHEV concept is a plug-in hybrid crossover, a technology Mitsubishi's been investing in heavily, both with concepts and production models. The concept features a gas engine powering the front wheels, and electric motors powering the ones out back. There's no word on output, but Mitsubishi believes it will go 75 miles on electricity alone, which is about double that of most modern plug-ins.

Sadly, there are no pictures of the interior available, but Mitsubishi promises a high center console, a cockpit-like interior that coddles passengers and loads of leather trim. Of course, how much of that will ever make it to production is anyone's guess.

In fact, I'd be gobsmacked if the thing actually makes it to production. Currently, Mitsubishi is having some problems bringing an already-established vehicle -- the Outlander PHEV -- to the United States. It's been delayed about a year now. But the brand is all about plug-ins, so I wouldn't be surprised if bits and pieces of this concept eventually made it to production.

That said, look at how sharp the GT-PHEV concept is. The front end is loads more aggressive than any modern Mitsu, and the rear end builds on current styles, but with thinner elements and a more steeply raked rear bumper. If only any of its current models looked this good.