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Mitsubishi goes social with i intro

Automotive News reports on Mitsubishi's plans to market its i electric car.

How do you market a small, quirky electric vehicle on a shoestring budget?

For Mitsubishi Motors North America's i all-electric car, the answer is social media and digital marketing, the brand's U.S. marketing boss says.

Greg Adams, vice president of marketing and product planning, says more than half of the i's launch budget will be spent on social media and digital advertising. That compares with roughly 15 percent for the brand's overall marketing budget.

The Mitsubishi i will be available for retail sales in January.

Mitsubishi has a Facebook profile for the i, with interactive content that can be accessed only by clicking the "Like" button. So far, with no outside promotion other than prominent placement on Mitsubishi's main Facebook page, the i's profile has a little more than 3,000 "Likes."

(Source: Automotive News)