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Mitsubishi Evo XXVIII: A car for 2025

Mitsubishi shows off an electric rally car design for 2025.

Mitsubishi MMR25
The MMR25 has 4 wheels and 12 electric motors. Mitsubishi

We're not sure if "Evo" will be in the model name, but Mitsubishi released photos and specifications for its rally car of the future--2025 to be exact. Today, Mitsubishi is calling this concept the MMR25. It's an electric car, because there's no gas in 2025, and uses four in-wheel motors, plus eight supplemental motors for each wheel.

The details released don't make it clear how the eight extra motors work, but they apparently have something to do with the car being able to drive sideways, as the wheels can turn in any direction. According to the press release, these motors are powered by a lithium battery pack that makes use of "composite nano fibers" to lighten its weight and achieve 1,000 miles per charge. We are definitely in the realm of sci-fi here.

Mitsubishi MMR25
The cabin of the MMR25 is windowless. Mitsubishi

Oh, but it gets better. Notice the lack of a windshield in the pictures? Mitsubishi lightens the load further by doing away with glass, instead encapsulating the driver in a window-less capsule. Visual information comes to the driver through cameras and video screens, giving a 360-degree view around the MMR25.

Accessories will depend on what 2025 looks like--Zombie-infested: flamethrowers; Waterworld: pontoons; Idiocracy: big Playskool-style buttons for stop and go.