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Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross previews new looks with shadowy sneak peek

A new teaser photo shows off some heavily redesigned front and rear fascias, it looks like.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross teaser
The Eclipse Cross already looks unique, but it's also not the prettiest crossover on the market.

Did you forget about Mitsubishi? The company hasn't forgotten about us -- it has a surprise bunch of new cars coming. On Thursday, the Japanese automaker decided to give us a glimpse of the new Eclipse Cross set to debut in the first quarter of 2021.

We can't see a whole lot, but from what we can tell, this is a pretty extensive reworking for the exterior. Mitsubishi said the design takes inspiration from the e-Evolution SUV concept shown back in 2018. That's pretty clear based on the headlights, which look far more slanted and thin than the current Eclipse Cross. While the e-Evolution isn't the Evo we knew and loved, it also wasn't a completely ugly thing, either.

Out in the rear, the reflection in the teaser photo suggests the back end receives substantial updates as well. For starters, it appears the taillights no longer span the entire width of the rear, and the shape looks like it also follows the e-Evolution concept. The photo doesn't give us a good look at much of anything else, though. The automaker previously said the design will boast "major" changes. Inside, all Mitsubishi said was to expect a new infotainment system. Whether that leads to any redesigns inside remains to be seen.

The new Eclipse Cross should debut right around the same time Mitsubishi starts sending the latest Mirage sedans and hatchbacks to dealers, which got their own updates last year. The bigger news is the totally redesigned Outlander, which is set to debut in the second quarter of next year. Mitsubishi hyped the new SUV in big ways earlier this year and promised "game-changing" elements.

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