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Mitsubishi cheated fuel economy tests since 1991, report says

The Japanese car-maker, which last week confessed to falsifying fuel tests for over half a million vehicles, has established a committee to investigate a quarter-century of cheating.

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Mitsubishi has admitted to falsifying fuel economy data on its cars for the last 25 years, the BBC reports.

The reported admission was made a week after the Japanese car-maker admitted to cheating on fuel economy tests for over 600,000 vehicles, some of which were built for Nissan.

The company confirmed that over half a million cars were tested using methods other than those required by Japanese law, in order to make those cars appear more fuel efficient than they actually were. Mitsubishi noted that affected cars were limited to sale in Japan.

Mitsubishi, in a statement released today, said it's establishing a committee of independent investigators to "uncover the facts" around the company's cheating of fuel tests. The panel consists of three attorneys who, Mitsubishi claims, "have no conflicts of interest," and says it's also considering appointing technical experts to aid the investigation. The committee will investigate for three months, and Mitsubishi says it will disclose the verdict "in a timely manner."

Mitsubishi did not immediately respond to a request for comment.