Mio DigiWalker A201: showing us the way

Mio's A201 DigiWalker is a handheld satellite-navigation system that also doubles as an MP3 player and a hands-free kit for your mobile phone

Rory Reid

You're never truly lost until you run out of petrol. At least that's what our mums told Crave. What she should have said was "you're never truly stranded until you run out of petrol".

Either way, we'd gladly trade any piece of travel advice for a sat-nav unit, like this Mio A201 DigiWalker. It's a Windows Mobile-powered handheld organiser with an integrated GPS receiver, so you can sort your life out while simultaneously ensuring you never get lost again.

The unit is small and nicely portable in comparison to other similar devices we've seen, so it's just right for navigating the maze-like streets of Soho without stumbling into a seedy back alley. Unless that's what you're looking for, of course.

The Mio A201 DigiWalker can also be used in a car thanks to its accompanying quick-install windshield mount, and though it comes with Mio Map 2.0, it'll work with any automotive and off-road navigation software for Pocket PC devices.

We like the fact that the A201 DigiWalker doubles up as a media player, and can connect to a mobile phone via Bluetooth to act as a wireless hands-free kit. Watch out for a full review soon. -RR