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Mio C620: Sat-nav with 3D sights

The Mio C620 is a slim widescreen satellite-navigation system with a difference -- you can see certain famous tourist sights in 3D, such as Big Ben and the Eiffel tower

Sat-navs are rapidly replacing paper maps, with more and more drivers opting to rely on GPS rather than having to pull over on the motorway and stare blankly at an A-Z for hours -- and avoiding arguments with your passenger-cum-navigator.

Mio is a relatively unknown sat-nav company in the UK (albeit a large brand globally), but one which is starting to make big waves due to its competitively priced products and slick designs.

The Mio C620 is one of its latest sat-navs and comes with a widescreen display and speed camera warnings straight out of the box. There's also Bluetooth for connecting your mobile and making hands-free calls via the built-in speaker and mic.

But the C620's most interesting feature is the elevation model and 3D landmarks system, which displays certain touristy sights, such as Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower, in 3D as you drive past them.

Okay, so it's a bit gimmicky, but this marks the beginning of an exciting time in sat-nav technology. Companies such as Google are taking street-level picture mapping very seriously, and it most likely won't be long before you'll be able to see the streets you're driving through in all their glory -- or ugliness if you live in South London.

The Mio C620 is a good sat-nav nevertheless and if you fancy one it'll cost you about £270. It's available from several online stores, including supergps.co.uk and globalpositioningsystems.co.uk.

Update: A full review of the Mio is now available on the site. -Andrew Lim