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Mio C250: Cheap sat-nav, great Christmas gift

If you're looking for a cheap sat-nav and you're not sure which one to get, then the Mio C250 is definitely worth checking out

Are your friends or family members useless with directions? Are you tired of trying to describe nearby landmarks in a bid to get them to where you are? You might want to get your disoriented visitors a sat-nav for Christmas.

The Mio C250 costs a mere £170, which compared to other sat-navs is a bargain. It's pretty good, too, with a large, colour touchscreen, MioMap v3 software with seven-digit postcode search, full UK maps combined with the major roads of Europe provided by Tele Atlas, and a huge Points of Interest database.

The C250 also has in-car, lorry, pedestrian and bicycle modes, speed-camera warnings out of the box with free updates for one year, a built-in MP3 player, and support for traffic updates (with optional antenna and receiver).

The lithium battery can be charged using the bundled USB or cigarette lighter charger, and the built-in SiRFstarIII GPS technology means that you can speedily find out where you are.

Another great feature is that the C250 isn't massive, measuring 108mm by 85mm by 21mm and weighing 150g. Overall, we were impressed with its price and feature set -- this is definitely worth checking out if you fancy getting yourself or somebody else a gadget as a gift. -AL