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Mini sold out of Coopers

The nation's 82 Mini franchises are out of cars, and dealers can do little more than take orders and deliver preordered units for the rest of the year.

According to BMW's Mini division, Mini dealers in the U.S. are almost completely sold out. Much like the Apple iPod, which the stylish little car was oft compared to when it was unveiled 2001, it appears demand has completely outrun the rate at which Mini can supply them.

2007 Mini Cooper S
CNET Networks

Dealers report that at this point, 81 percent of Minis sold are preconfigured and ordered. Mini's Oxford, England, plant will boost production to the U.S., but only by between 2,000 and 3,000 vehicles this year.

It is also reported that Mini plans to expand its dealership network from 82 to 95 stores by 2011. With its only plant running three shifts, seven days a week and still falling behind demand, we can't help but wonder if Mini is going to let the waiting list get even longer or if the company has a trick up its sleeve to supply these new stores.