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The Mini Seven special edition is way more show, no more go

This package is quite literally an aesthetic package, offered on a wide complement of Mini Hardtop models.

The automaker claims this shade of blue is "the most intensive blue tone" ever put on a Mini. I just call it blue.


Some automakers trot out special editions with unique engines, additional go-fast bits or maybe some beefier suspension. Other special editions are expressions of vanity; flashy little bits tacked on to an otherwise unchanged car to grab up a few more dollars at the dealer. Mini's latest special edition, the Seven, falls into the latter category.

Available on both the Cooper and Cooper S variants of the Mini Hardtop, in both two-door and four-door flavors, the Mini Seven is nothing more than an aesthetics package. The exterior receives one of four unique shades (blue, white, black or green). The mirror caps are silver, as is the roof, there are special wheels on offer and the hood stripes are also exclusive to Mini Seven. Exclusive fender "vents" finish off the exterior trimmings.

Inside, you're looking at standard sport seats in Malt Brown fabric and black leather with a gray-and-black-checkered pattern. There are other interior motifs available, but why bother? Elsewhere inside, you get some Mini Seven branding and that's about it. I told you this package was all show and no go.

But that's not to say that the Mini Seven is without history. The name comes from the Austin Seven, the O.G. Mini of yore. It was virtually identical to the Morris Mini Minor of the same era, so it makes a bit of sense that the new Mini Seven would be virtually identical to the Mini Hardtop on which it's based.