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Mini Rocketman packs pull-out boot, projectors for lights in hands-on video

The Mini Rocketman concept has been tickling the bejeezus out of our collective fancies, so we hunted it down and shot this video so it can tickle yours, too.

The Mini Rocketman concept has been tickling our collective fancies, so it'll come as no surprise to learn we've hunted the thing down like a dog so we could capture its very soul on video.

We also hunted down Mini's own Sven Grütsmacher to talk us through the Mini Rocketman's various features, including its startling storage system.

As you'll see in our video, the boot opens like a drawer, though if you need additional room, the entire rear hatch opens like an enormous chasm thanks to a hinge on the centre of the car's glass roof.

Speaking of hinges, the Rocketman includes freaky double-hinged doors that provide more space for getting in and out of the vehicle. It also packs hoop-style rear lights that project the indicator beams directly on to the car's bodywork using high-output LEDs.

Mini guru Grütsmacher also took some time to show off the car's interior, which packs not two, not four, but three seats -- two up front and one at the rear next to a funny little shelf-cum-jump seat. The dashboard meanwhile, sports a 3D display plus a guidance system that allows the user to enter destinations via a separate, portable device before they even enter the vehicle.

Oh, and did we mention the Rocketman's partly made of paper? Fire up the video above to see the action unfold (ahem) for yourself.

  • Video produced by Drew Stearne. Presented by Rory Reid.