Mini launches roadside assistance app for iPhone, Blackberry

Mini owners can now access roadside assistance with the touch of an icon

Mini Road Assist is a free app for iPhone and Blackberry.
Mini Road Assist is free for Mini owners under warranty. Mini USA/Allstate Roadside Service

Mini USA announced today that it has developed, in partnership with Allstate Roadside Services, the first official roadside assistance app, dubbed Mini Road Assist for iPhone and Blackberry.

So the next time, you need a jump start, a flat tire changed, or an extra gallon of gasoline to get your Cooper home, you can just tap an icon on your iPhone or Blackberry and your personal info, the nature of assistance needed, and your current GPS location will automatically be beamed to Allstate Roadside Services' HQ and help will be dispatched, provided that you have a cellular data connection.

After downloading the app, Mini owners will supply their VIN, name, address, and other details to confirm ownership of a Mini vehicle. The system taps into the free roadside assistance that is available to all North American Mini owners as long as the vehicle remains under warranty. Mini owners who fall outside of the warranty safety circle due to expiration can still download the free app and use the roadside assistance for a fee set by the service provider.

Mini Roadside Assist is free to Mini owners and can be downloaded from Allstate Roadside Services.

Check out the video after the jump, which details the ins-and-outs of the app in greater detail.