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Mini integrates Twitter, Facebook, on the iPhone

The upcoming Mini Connected app for the iPhone and iPod will let Mini drivers use Facebook and Twitter on the road.

Mini iPod out display
Mini's new iPhone and iPod integration features Genius playlists.
Mini iPod out display
Mini's new iPhone and iPod integration features Genius playlists. Mini

A few months ago, we told you about BMW and Mini supporting iOS 4's iPod Out feature. Mini announced new integration with the iPhone and iPod as part of its Mini Connected program, which will let drivers tweet on the go, get driving efficiency reports, and listen to music that changes tempo depending on driving style.

An iPhone app currently in development called Mini Connected will let drivers receive Facebook updates and tweets. These posts will appear on the car's LCD or be read out loud if the car has an optional voice command system. We suspect showing the posts on an LCD won't survive into production, or at least will be be disabled when the car is in motion. Drivers can choose from a set of prewritten messages to post on Twitter or Facebook.

Another feature of the Mini Connected app, called the Minimalism Analyzer, monitors driving style, then delivers a report at the end of the trip on how the driver can be more efficient. We assume this feature looks for fast starts and excessive acceleration.

The Dynamic Music feature includes a jukebox of different musical styles, which can be played through the Mini's audio system. This music changes tempo depending on how the car is being driven. Mini says the drivers will be able to create their own mixes with the accelerator and steering wheel. We suspect that a good music mix would probably lead to a bad efficiency report from the Minimalism Analyzer.

The Mini Connected app will only work in Minis optioned with the navigation system or the upcoming Mini Visual Boost enhanced radio display.