Mini teases a possible Cooper JCW GP model

It's tough to tell exactly what's going on, but we are definitely liking the boxy flares.

Playing in Photoshop brought out a little more detail in the fender flares and such.

Mini's latest Cooper JCW GP has been a polarizing little beast, to say the least, but that doesn't appear to have dampened the brand's spirits when it comes to making hot hatches. Specifically, the company seems to be teasing a new electric GP model in a Tweet Wednesday.

The Tweet doesn't say much, but the image reveals a bit more.  Aside from looking a bit like a 1980s boom box, when we fiddled with the photo in Photoshop, some more detail popped out. Specifically, a boxier version of the GP model's side spats (or whatever you want to call them) became apparent.

The prospect of an electric Cooper GP is exciting for several reasons. First, we haven't really seen a properly small, fast production electric car since the Tesla Roadster, and technology has moved on significantly since then. Secondly, many of our gripes about the petrol-powered GP would be solved by a swap to an electric drivetrain -- no more bummer automatic transmission or vaguely annoying engine note.

We're curious to see where Mini goes with this if it goes anywhere at all. We asked Mini representatives for more information but didn't hear back in time for publication.