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Mini and Pokemon Debut Pikachu-Themed Aceman Concept at Gamescom 2022

The collaboration showcases the concept's various graphic-projection technologies and their potential to customize the look and feel of the EV.

Mini Aceman Concept car in a darkened room projects colored lights
The Aceman concept already sort of looks like a car-type Pokemon.

Mini and The Pokemon Company have partnered up to bring a Pokemon-themed version of the Mini Aceman concept to the Gamescom 2022 computer and video games showcase in Germany.

The Aceman is an electric concept that previews a future compact crossover that may eventually squeeze into Mini's lineup between the Hardtop and the Countryman, blending the proportions of the two. It features a new "Charismatic Simplicity" design language with cartoony, geometric details that make it sort of look like the automotive equivalent of a Pokemon. This Mini x Pokemon collab takes advantage of the concept car's various display technologies inside and out.

Pokemon Mode on the Mini Aceman concept's main screen

Mini chose to feature Pikachu because it's electric, like the Aceman.


As part of the collaboration, the Aceman gains a new Pokemon mode that can be activated to bring Pikachu-themed graphics and animations to the concept's large circular central display. Mini chose to highlight Pikachu as the featured Pokemon because it's an electric-type and the Aceman is a fully electric car. (I'd venture that Pikachu being the most recognizable pocket monster also played a role.)

The visuals spill off of the main display and onto the textile surface of the dashboard and doors via the concept cabin's "moving image projections." Meanwhile, puddle light projectors shine Mini x Pokemon iconography onto the ground near the car. The concept car's conceptual users will also be able to connect their console to the Mini to play Pokemon games or maybe watch one of the Pokemon movies, drive-in style, making use of the Aceman's front LED projector to cast a big screen on a nearby wall while parked.

Aside from the digital graphics and projections, the Aceman concept displayed at Gamescom 2022 appears unchanged since its debut last month. But the Pokemon partnership is a startling showcase of the flexibility and potential for customization of the Aceman's Android-powered infotainment.