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Milka Duno: 1st TV Race

For the second edition of this week's blog tribute to women, cars and racing, we take a look at IndyCar phenom Milka Duno's first televised race in Venezuela.


Danica Patrick and Sarah Fisher aren't the only female drivers attracting attention to the IndyCar circuit. There just happens to be another beautiful lady rockin' the car racing world, and her name is Milka Duno.

Milka Duno's rise to prominence in the racing world (besides being a woman) was far from typical. Duno was born in Caracas and her past endeavors have included modeling and Master's Degrees in Naval Architecture and Marine Biology. Around the mid-1990s Milka turned her attention to car racing, and she hasn't looked back since. She moved to the United States in 1999 to pursue a full time career in racing, and now she stands as a potentially hot contender in more ways than one.

For today's web video I could have taken the easy way out and shown the fight Milka had with IndyCar rival Danica Patrick at a Mid-Ohio race practice, but I decided to take the high road and I dug up a rare video of Duno's first televised race for Club Copa in Venezuela circa 1996. Milka's pushing a fire-engine red Porsche 911 (#18 on the track), and she wins the race in style - sporting a dress at the very end of the video. While this footage is historic and noteworthy, the car enthusiast in me also enjoyed checking out the other cars on the track. Enjoy.