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Midwest group agrees to sell Chinese EV

Automotive News reports on a deal by Bob Rohrman Auto Group to sell Chinese built Zotye electric SUVs.

Automotive News
Zoyte SUV
The electric version of Zoyte's small SUV boasts a range of 250 miles on its lithium ion battery pack. Zoyte

Bob Rohrman Auto Group, of Lafayette, Ind., has signed on to sell the Zotye electric SUV, imported and distributed by Green Automotive Co., of Dallas.

Rohrman Auto, the 15th-largest U.S. dealership group by retail unit sales, will sell Zotye SUVs in 10 of its 36 stores and has committed to taking a minimum of 20 SUVs per store per month.

Green Automotive imports the SUVs from China's Zotye Holding Group, which makes the vehicles in Zhejiang, China. Deliveries are to begin in the fourth quarter.

The highway-legal Zotye SUV, with a sticker of $29,995, uses lithium ion batteries to provide a range of up to 250 miles and a top speed of 70 mph. It comes with a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty and a 185,000-mile warranty on the battery pack.

Rohrman Auto, which operates in Indiana and Illinois, is the largest dealership group to sign up to sell the Zotye. Steven Evans, a Green Automotive vice president, said EV Car Co., of Fort Worth, Texas, also will sell the SUV at its 14 dealerships.

(Source: Automotive News)