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Michigan is one step closer to putting driverless vehicles on the road

Four bills addressing self-driving cars have made their way through a House committee.

Google Gumdrop Autonomous Car

Following the bills' amendments, Google has voiced its support for the legislation.


Four bills that could legalize fully autonomous vehicles in Michigan are closer than ever to landing on the governor's desk and potentially becoming law.

The House committee on communications and technology voted unanimously, to send the bills to the House for a vote, Automotive News reports.

The bills would permit fully driverless vehicles to function on Michigan roads for any reason, not just testing. The car's built-in computers would be allowed to function as a full-on driver. Other parts of the bills address mechanics' liability in regard to fixing self-driving cars and the forthcoming American Center for Mobility in Ypsilanti.

The bills have amendments attached to account for concerns Google has expressed about being excluded. These amendments broaden the definition of an automotive manufacturer. Specifically, any company that's built an autonomous car that complies with all federal safety standards and has operated said vehicles for more than one million miles would be considered an automaker. The company must also have an insurance policy worth at least $10 million.