Michelin's new carbon-neutral EV tire aims to serve electric sports cars better

EVs and tire options don't mix well. Michelin wants to change that with the Pilot Sport EV.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
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Michelin Pilot Sport EV tire

Maybe this is just the ticket.


Options are seriously limited when it comes to slapping new rubber on an electric car, especially if you want to highlight an EV's performance. That's where Michelin hopes it has created a winner with its new Pilot Sport EV tire, specifically engineered to serve electric sports cars .

Noting EVs weigh more and wear tires down in a different fashion to gas-powered cars due to their higher torque and acceleration, Michelin crafted the Pilot Sport EV bearing in mind what it learned from Formula E. Factory tires for EVs are all about preserving range, so swapping a tire that's not a good match often sacrifices a lot. With a low rolling resistance to preserve an EV's range, with a promise to perhaps extend range by 37 miles, according to the company, the tire truly sounds like something the industry's been missing.

The French tire-maker said it worked to further reduce road noise with a compound that's 20% quieter, thanks to custom-developed polyurethane foam that keeps the unpleasantries out of the cockpit. It's an important attribute since EVs operate in virtual silence at all times. As a cherry atop the project, this tire is completely carbon-neutral. Michelin said all the way up until the point of sale, there are no emissions attached to the Pilot Sport EV. It's not that the company eliminated emissions from the manufacturing process, but instead invested in carbon-offset projects to make everything balance out. One day, it hopes to operate a carbon-neutral system internally.

The new tire launches next month with sizes to fit 18- to 22-inch wheels. I personally would love to see how this springs life into, say, a Chevrolet Bolt EV.

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