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Mercedes to get its own version of Sync?

Mercedes to get its own version of Sync?

CNET Networks

Earlier this week, we told you how Mercedes-Benz had followed in the footsteps of its estranged partner, the Chrysler Group, by announcing a partnership with Hughes Telematics for all future models. At the time, Hughes confirmed that its service is scheduled to replace Mercedes' current Tele Aid system in late 2009 but declined to give any specifics on any of the features it would include. Well, thanks to the industrious gearheads over at Edmunds, we now have a clearer idea.

According to their report, the new telematics service will include all the emergency and roadside assistance features associated with GM's OnStar service plus some advanced entertainment, connectivity, and diagnostic services. In what sounds like a similar arrangement to Ford's new Sync system, the Hughes service will include "voice control of iPods and cell phones" according to Edmunds. It will also provide drivers with the ability to remotely download software and update navigation information, search the internet, and even comes with an optional tracking system for informing parents of their teen driver's activities. The system looks like the next stage in Mercedes' effort to upgrade cabin tech in its models, following its recent update to the COMAND system.

Source: Edmunds

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