Mercedes may be bringing the V12 S-Class back as a Maybach

The teaser image came as part of a 100-year anniversary celebration of Maybach.

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It's that little badge on the front fender that's giving us butterflies.


Mercedes has been on the fence for a few years about keeping its big, twin-turbo V12 engine in production. First, it said the V12 was going away, and then it said that it would stay around, and it's kept radio silence on the matter since. That is until Wednesday, when Mercedes published a tribute to 100 years of Maybach with an image of a very long S-Class with that sweet, sweet V12 fender badge.

The car seems to be some kind of 100th Anniversary edition Maybach based on the current-generation W223 S-Class but possibly with a somewhat exaggerated wheelbase. Now, prior to this photo, the only W223 Maybachs that we've seen have been based on the S580 with the twin-turbo V8 engine, so this is a significant change.

Why are we so excited for the V12? Isn't the AMG V8-powered S-Class historically just as fast or faster than the V12 with better fuel economy? Well, yes. But it's not about that. The beauty of the V12 is its smoothness and the effortless way that it delivers power. That's why it's such a good pairing with a car like the Maybach.

The last generation of Mercedes V12 produced a whopping 621 horsepower and 738 pound-feet of torque, which is a lot for a production luxury car no matter who you ask. We're going to keep our fingers crossed that the V12 S-Class will make a triumphant return.

Mercedes declined to comment on future products.

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