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Mercedes Live Race pits gamers against David Coulthard

Reckon you lap a track faster on Gran Turismo 5 than a real-life racing driver? It's time to put your joypad where your mouth is.


Are you any good at Gran Turismo 5? Reckon you could lap a track faster from your living room than a real-life racing driver can in the actual world? It's time to put your joypad where your mouth is, as Mercedes-Benz is giving gamers the chance to do exactly that in its Live Race competition.

On Monday 5 September, Merc will unleash David Coulthard in an SLS AMG on a real race circuit against gamers competing on the same track in GT5. The winner bags an all expenses paid trip to the Brazilian Grand Prix on 27 November.

Obviously, the breezeblock-headed F1 legend would be at a slight disadvantage if every Tom, Dick and Henry with a PlayStation were to start practising their braking and turn-in points between now and race day, so Mercedes-Benz is keeping the track a secret until the start of the race.

That being the case, Coulthard should have the advantage, as a) he'll already know the track and b) this is what the 13-times GP-winning driver did for a living for 20 years. 

Sadly, this won't be a free-for all with millions of people gunning for DC's pride. Only 24 racers, chosen at random, will be selected to take part. The fastest of this group makes it through to the final six, who'll go head to head in the final round against ol' chisel-chin himself. 

If you think you have what it takes (a PlayStation 3, a copy of Gran Turismo 3, a smidgeon of talent and stones the size of the Elgin Marbles), head on over to the Mercedes Live Race page to enter. Let us know how you get on. Unless you lose. We don't associate with losers.