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Watch Mercedes turn a 1979 G-Class into a resin cube masterpiece

It took nearly 100,000 pounds of resin, which I believe qualifies as a boatload.

Mercedes reminded us that its off-roader wunderkind G-Class could be traced back to the Mesozoic era when it unveiled a 1979 G-Class suspended in resin meant to resemble amber at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show. Now, you can see how the automaker pulled it off.

Over the course of 90 days, comprising some 8,892 working hours (split among various staff members), Mercedes-Benz cast this 280 GE in nearly 100,000 pounds of resin, resulting in a sculpture that was more than 18 feet long and 10 feet tall. With its transport rack and underframe, it rang in at a meaty 52 tons.

It wasn't built on the steps of Cobo Hall, either. The installation had to be shipped about 4,000 miles from Germany to Detroit, and it's made its way around the world since then. I'd love to be the person in charge of arranging all that air freight.

Mercedes-Benz cast this G-Class in resin to celebrate the introduction of the 2019 G-Class, which arrived in Detroit in both G550 and G63 AMG flavors. Featuring a number of creature-comfort upgrades inside and only mild aesthetic adjustments outside, the Geländewagen is better to drive without completely ditching its decades-long heritage as one of the most off-road-ready vehicles you can buy -- even if many of them end up parallel parked on Rodeo Drive.