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Mercedes-Benz, Wieck

Mercedes drops B-Class Electric Drive price by nearly $2,000

You may not know it exists, but now you do.

If you want an EV that blends in more than a Nissan Leaf or BMW i3, the B-Class could be right up your alley.


You may not have heard of it, but Mercedes-Benz currently produces an electric vehicle, the B-Class Electric Drive. It exists as a competitor to BMW's i3, and it's shaped more like a crossover than a car. Now, it's even cheaper, undercutting the competition by a few thousand bucks.

The B-Class Electric Drive just dropped to $39,900. Previously, it came in at $41,450, just under the BMW i3's starting price of $42,400. (These figures don't account for federal or local incentives.) It's nowhere near as popular as the i3, but this price drop could attract attention from folks interested in something a bit fancier than a Nissan Leaf.

The B250e has an EPA-estimated range of 87 miles, with an electronically limited top speed of 100 mph and an output of 177 horsepower and 251 pound-feet of torque. Charging from a 240-volt outlet will yield about 60 miles of range in about 2 hours. Sadly, it lacks a range-extending gas engine, which is optional on the Bimmer.

Its sales haven't exactly busted any blocks. According to Good Car Bad Car, Mercedes sold just 1,906 B250e models in the US in 2015. In that same time frame, BMW sold 11,024 i3s in the US, and its year-to-date 2016 sales are higher than any whole year of sales from the Merc.

Update, 2:18 p.m. Eastern: Good Car Bad Car pointed out to us that Canadian B-Class sales cover a broad range of gas-model vehicles, rather than the B-Class Electric Drive. We have changed the above paragraph to reflect that.

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