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Mercedes-Benz's AMG Cigarette Racing boat

Mercedes-Benz released pictures of its Cigarette Racing's custom 46-foot Rider. The boat features a pair of twin-turbocharged, 552-cubic inch 1,350hp Mercury Racing engines.

Cigarette Racing team has celebrated 40 years of speed racing. Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz released new photos of the Cigarette Racing AMG boat. The 46-foot Rider is capable of reaching speeds in excess of 130 mph. A pair of twin-turbocharged, 552-cubic inch 1,350 horsepower Mercury Racing engines powers it.

The Rider is inspired by the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Super Sports Car. Engineers at both companies worked together to bring the SLS-inspired watercraft to reality.

Although the boat is inspired by the car, it is also an amazing-looking craft with hand-applied AMG Alubeam silver and AMG Designo Mystic White paint in a bold design that echoes the AMG logo.

The twin-turbocharged, 552-cubic inch 1,350hp Mercury Racing engine was specifically designed for the Rider. Mercedes-Benz
The Rider features marine-grade upholstery that resembles the two-tone AMG Designo porcelain and white Nappa leather offered on the SLS AMG. Mercedes-Benz