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Mercedes-Benz will unveil the X-Class pickup on July 18

You'll be the fanciest person in the Lowe's parking lot.

Late in 2016, Mercedes-Benz previewed its luxury pickup truck with the Concept X-Class. Next week, though, Merc will drop the "concept" and show off the production version.

Mercedes-Benz will officially unveil the production X-Class pickup truck on July 18. There's a website for the unveil, but there's no information on that site just yet, except for the teaser video that's also embedded above.  

Aside from a whole lot of ridiculous symbolism, we see a few glances of the truck's silhouette, and that's about it. The automaker showed off two distinctly different X-Class concepts in 2016, but both are likely to be lumped into the same X-Class designation, using trims to separate a more luxurious truck from one that might be a bit more capable.

There's still no guarantee that the midsize X-Class will even come to the US. Back in February, Mercedes-Benz hemmed and hawed on US-spec X-Class production, saying how it would likely need a whole second plant to match demand. US buyers prefer full-size pickups by double-digit factors, too, further complicating matters.

If it were to come to the US, it would face off against competitors like the Toyota Tacoma, Chevrolet Colorado and, starting in 2019, the Ford Ranger.