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Mercedes-Benz teases the C-Class Convertible ahead of Geneva

M-B's latest drop-top will likely pack the same family of engines that power the sedan and coupe variants.

It's a sharp-looking car, but nothing we couldn't have figured out with a bit of Photoshopping.


Mercedes-Benz's product release timeline is about as straightforward as it gets. Release a sedan, release a coupe, release a convertible. The German automaker is currently entering the third phase with its new C-Class, and we'll get our first look at this new drop-top at the Geneva auto show in March.

Mercedes provided the design sketch you can see here, and...that's about it, actually. Clearly, it's not going to vary much from the C-Class Coupe, minus the whole roof ordeal.

It'll likely pack the same engine lineup, as well -- from a small, 2.0-liter four-cylinder, all the way up to an AMG-badged, 4.0-liter eight-cylinder.

One salient detail that Mercedes did provide is a rough estimation of its arrival at dealerships. The company expects the C-Class Convertible to go on sale this fall as a 2017 model.