Mercedes-Benz recalls SL-Class models over improperly sewn airbags

Bad stitching could let the airbag tear during deployment and that's no good.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
Mercedes-AMG SL63

Bad sewing is to blame for this recall.


A group of 2018 and 2019 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class models are subject to a rather obscure recall that stems from improperly sewn airbags, of all things.

Although it sounds like a minor danger, the poor sewing could allow for the airbags to tear during deployment in the event of a crash. Obviously, torn airbags could reduce their effectiveness if they're deployed. The particular models included in the recall are the 2018-2019 SL450 and SL550, the 2018 SL65 AMG and the 2019 SL63 AMG. Between the four separate models, just 457 cars are part of the oddball recall. The SL450 and SL550 are represent the majority of the recalled cars; the AMG models total 39 cars.

The German luxury brand said supplier testing revealed a torn airbag seam on two occasions, which led to the recall.

Of note, the only affected airbag is the passenger-side front unit, not the driver-side airbag. Owners will need to bring their S-Class to a dealership where a technician will replace the airbag free of charge; no inspections or anything. Mercedes-Benz said each car will get a new airbag as a precautionary measure.

Owners will receive notification by mail starting the first week of October.

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