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Mercedes-Benz launches mobile video Web site

Mercedes launches a mobile Web portal, but be sure to brush up on your German before firing up your browsers.

MB's new Web portal features downloadable video and audio mixtapes. Mercedes-Benz

Not wanting Audito get all of the iPhone love, Mercedes-Benz released news on Wednesday that it has just launched a new mobile Web portal at www.mercedes-benz.mobi.

The new Web site features information about new models, motorsports, and Mercedes-Benz history, but two really cool features grabbed our attention: Mercedes-Benz TV, a video download and streaming service, and music download service Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape. Before you fire up your iPhones and your BlackBerrys, be sure you sprechen sie Deutsch, because the Web site is in German.

Despite the language barrier, I was able to poke around the Web site and find some videos on an iPod Touch. Over Wi-Fi, the videos downloaded quickly and the quality was good. Lower quality streaming versions are available for those wanting to view videos on a slower connection.

The Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape feature wasn't available just yet, but according to Mercedes' media materials, it will be online as early as October 17. The service features downloadable MP3 compilations, with new mixes becoming available every eight weeks. German or not, we like free music.

A little more searching led me to information about new models, downloadable wallpapers, and a service center search--for Germany, of course. Mercedes plans to continue to expand the service. We hope part of that expansion includes and English version of the site.