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Mercedes-Benz to kill off its short-lived AMG Sport lineup

The current slew of AMG Sports, and all future cars of a similar nature, will be lumped into the Mercedes-AMG brand.


If you're not familiar with Mercedes' taxonomic structure, Mercedes-Benz covers the traditional luxury side, while Mercedes-AMG contains all the heavy hitters. However, there was an AMG Sport lineup within Mercedes-Benz, which contained sporty cars that weren't full-blown AMG models. It's all a bit confusing -- even to Mercedes, apparently, because it just nixed the AMG Sport lineup.

The cars will still exist, but they'll be lumped into the greater Mercedes-AMG empire. Car and Driver reports that these newly crowned AMG models will utilize the number 43 (e.g. C43, E43) to separate them from the full-on muscle (C63, E63) that made AMG a household name for car geeks.

Even though this news is recent, the writing was on the wall when Mercedes revealed that the AMG variant of the new SLC-Class roadster would be known as the SLC43. That two-seater uses the same 3.0-liter, six-cylinder engine as the C450 AMG Sport and the GLE450AMG Sport, rather than the 4.0-liter, eight-cylinder engine found in other AMG models.

Car and Driver also reports that the C450 AMG will be the first to switch its name, to the Mercedes-AMG C43, and a Mercedes-AMG E43 (based on the E-Class that was unveiled this week) will follow that. That same six-cylinder would then power the E43, as well.

Mercedes did not immediately return a request for comment.