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Mercedes-Benz illuminated star badge responsible for a new SUV recall

The light-up logo's electrical components may not play nice with headlights, power steering and other systems.

Bad badge!


Everyone's favorite, gaudy option on Mercedes-Benz vehicles is actually the source of a new recall that affects GLE and GLS SUV models. According to documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an incorrectly installed electrical ground for the illuminated star badge on the SUVs may cause other systems to stop working.

Specifically, the bad ground may lead to a loss of power steering, failing wiper motors or malfunctioning headlights. The problem with the illuminated badge's ground is the fact these other systems share a ground connection with it. Since any of these problems increases the risk of a crash, Mercedes-Benz issued the recall. No crashes are known to have occurred as a result of the defects.

The number of SUVs with the bad light-up badges is limited. Just 12,799 vehicles are included, spread across the various GLE and GLS trims from the 2020 model year: GLE350, GLE 450, GLE580, GLS450 and GLS 580. Owners will need to take their SUV to a dealer, where a technician will relocate the ground to fix the potential problems. All of the work will be performed free of charge and mailed notices will go out starting in December.

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