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Mercedes-Benz to import GLC-Class SUV from India

The first batch of Indian-built GLCs will arrive in the US next month.

Jon Wong/Roadshow

Mercedes-Benz might manufacture a handful of its vehicles in the US, but its best-selling model, the GLC-Class, is an import from Germany. But soon, it'll be built in a different place entirely.

Mercedes-Benz will begin importing its GLC-Class SUV from India, Automotive News reports, citing confirmation from the automaker. Representatives for Mercedes-Benz did not immediately return a request for comment, but a spokesman told Automotive News that the first shipment of Indian-built GLCs will arrive in the US next month.

The US auto market is in a weird place right now. Automakers that import vehicles from China are facing large tariffs as the White House ramps up its fledgling trade war.

Some automakers, like General Motors, have petitioned the government for a tariff exception because its Buick Envision doesn't garner the demand that would afford US production. Others, such as Volvo, are shifting US-bound production from China to Europe. And then there's Ford, which canceled its plans to sell the Chinese-made Focus Active in the US, which means the Focus name is all but dead in the States. Tariffs work in the other direction, too -- prices of Teslas in China shot up $20,000 in July after the country applied retaliatory tariffs.

Moving production of US-spec GLC-Class SUVs from Europe to India could indicate that Mercedes-Benz is concerned about potential US tariffs on European-built luxury vehicles. President Trump has threatened to apply a 20 percent import tariff on European luxury cars, and moving production to India could step around that issue, which has the chance to affect one of Mercedes' biggest cars in the US. Two major auto-industry groups denounced that idea in June.