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Mercedes-Benz GLB will debut in Frankfurt with seven seats, reports say

I don't care how many seats it has, just make sure it comes to the US, please.

Even in a more toned-down form, the GLB should be a stunner.


It hasn't even been a full month since Mercedes-Benz pulled the wraps off its Concept GLB crossover, and if new reports turn out to be true, it'll only be a few months until we see the production version.

Mercedes-Benz will introduce the production GLB-Class crossover at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show in September, Carscoops reports. Carscoops' report points to a German blog called Mercedes-Benz Passion that claims that the debut variant of the GLB will, like the concept that preceded it, offer seating for seven.

The GLB is the closest we'll probably ever get to a spiritual successor of the blocky GLK-Class, which got smoothed the heck over in its transition to the GLC-Class. The GLB more closely resembles the new GLS-Class, with its tall glass and more upright shape than other SUVs in the lineup. In concept form, littered with LED lighting and gnarly fender flares, it looked pretty rugged, but it's unclear how many of those flourishes will make it to production.

Details are still light, but Carscoops claims that the GLB's range will start with a 163-horsepower I4, while higher trims get peppier gas engines and potentially some diesel options. The report also alludes to spy shots that have revealed an even sprightlier Mercedes-AMG GLB35. In the US, that lineup will likely get pared down to one (or maybe two) non-AMG gas engines, in addition to the GLB35. The Frankfurt debut will likely focus on European variants, so it's unclear how long we'll have to wait for US-specific information.