Mercedes-Benz wants to electrify and expand AMG, G and Maybach

It also wants to grow EQ and refocus on its history as a luxury brand.

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MBZ CEO Ola Källenius has big plans for the brand involving all its subsidiaries.


We've known for years that Mercedes-Benz has been investing vast sums of time and money into electrifying its lineup. We didn't realize how far that plan would go, though, but now we do, thanks to a big announcement made Tuesday by CEO Ola Källenius.

It turns out that Mercedes has big electric plans, not only for its vehicles but also for its AMG, EQ, G and sub-brands. The latter is incredibly exciting, because who wouldn't want to be wafted along in ultimate luxury and total silence? But more than that, Maybach will double in size. The brand, not the cars -- I don't think the vehicles could get much bigger.

Mercedes also wants to expand its G range. Källenius stated that the current generation of G-Wagen is so popular that Magna-Steyr (the contractor that builds the G) can't keep up with demand. Not bad for a six-figure dinosaur of an SUV, but it's left up to our imaginations as to exactly how the G brand will expand. Will we see more wacked-out six-wheel and 4x4-squared versions?

AMG will lean more heavily into its success with Formula 1. We suspect that this is a nod to the AMG One hypercar, with its F1-derived hybrid engine and drivetrain. Given AMG's reputation for building outstanding but slightly unhinged performance cars , this definitely has us excited for other possibilities.

Mercedes-AMG One track testing

If this is the result of AMG leaning on its F1 involvement, then sign us up.


Finally, the EQ sub-brand, which Mercedes has been using to show off its fully battery-electric models, will also get a boost. The four SUVs that Mercedes announced earlier will play a large role in this, but there's likely even more in store, possibly in the form of future EV-specific vehicle architectures.

On top of all of this, Mercedes wants to recommit to its heritage as a luxury automobile company. It plans to do this by overhauling its sales network, brand communications and product portfolio into something electric as well as more software-focused (whatever that means) and sustainable. 

All of this sounds pretty cool, but does it leave us with more questions than answers? In the words of the late, great Hollywood producer Robert Evans, "You bet your ass it does." But that won't stop us from being excited about what the world's oldest carmaker has in store.

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