Mercedes-Benz EQB electric SUV reveals its boxy zero-emissions shape

This one's just for China, but the US will get its own EQB next year.

'Tis a boxy thing.

Say hello to the fourth electric car from Mercedes-Benz thus far, the EQB SUV. Revealed on Sunday at the Shanghai Auto Show in China, the boxy EV shown here is specific to the country, while the German luxury brand confirmed the US will get its own version next year. In other words, the finer details and dimensions could change a bit when the EQB arrives in America.

For now, we know the SUV sports battery packs starting at 66.5 kilowatt-hours, sports either front- and all-wheel drive and lays down 288 horsepower in this AMG Line top spec. Range ratings aren't available yet, but the brand said it also plans to detail a long-range version of the SUV at a later date.

Measuring 184 inches long and 72 inches wide, the EQB is the compact electric SUV we expected, with a maximum cargo capacity of 60 cubic feet. For China, three rows of seats are standard, though the third row will be optional for other countries when it launches. It's pretty small back there, though, with room for 5-foot 4-inch passengers max. The cockpit, though, looks like standard Mercedes-Benz quality with the latest MBUX infotainment setup front and center. The screen spans the driver's gauge cluster to the infotainment display with lovely contrasting rose gold accents in the vents and dashboard. Overall, this is essentially the Mercedes-Benz's GLB interior, since the EQB is largely based on the compact SUV already. 

As for the exterior, it's a mixed bag, in my eyes. The front wears the EQ family looks like all of Mercedes' recent EV launches, and it wears them well. The rear, though, looks a tad frumpy with a lot of dead space between the rear window, roofline and light bar. Perhaps it's because the EQS sedan looks very similar from the rear, so seeing the rear fascia on taller SUV looks out of place. It's not ugly, just a tad frumpy, at least in my opinion. Your mileage may very.

When it comes time to plug the EQB, Mercedes-Benz said the SUV accepts up to 100 kilowatts and should take about 30 minutes to climb to an 80% charge. As mentioned, these details may very well change for the US-spec car coming for 2022.

Production will take place in China for the Chinese version this year, while Daimler's plant in Hungary will produce the SUV for other countries. We'll have some time before we get US-specific information, but quickly, Mercedes is rounding out its EV portfolio with snappy cars.