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Mercedes-Benz connects with a smartwatch at CES 2014

Mercedes-Benz will demonstrate its connectivity initiatives at CES 2014 by showing how its cars can connect with a Pebble smartwatch.

Mercedes-Benz Pebble smartwatch
Mercedes-Benz will demonstrate a Pebble smartwatch customized for vehicle connectivity at CES 2014. Mercedes-Benz

At CES 2014, Mercedes-Benz will show a concept car that connects with a Pebble smartwatch. The car's software sends vehicle data and current navigation information to the watch.

This customized Pebble smartwatch concept will serve as a demonstration of the type of connectivity research Mercedes-Benz performs at its Silicon Valley lab.

Pebble is one of a number of high-tech companies with which Mercedes-Benz maintains partnerships in order to explore how vehicle connectivity can fit into an owner's life. With the Pebble smartwatch integration, an owner can check such things as fuel level and door lock status while away from the car. Further, the watch could offer walking navigation from a parking lot to the owner's actual destination.

Mercedes-Benz's announcement follows on Nissan's unveiling last year of its Nismo concept smartwatch at the Frankfurt auto show. The Nissan watch was focused on gathering and displaying performance data from Nissan's Nismo models.