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Wayne Cunningham/CNET

Mercedes-Benz C gets classier

At the 2011 Geneva auto show, Mercedes-Benz displays a new C-class coupe and the C63 AMG wagon.

Mercedes- Benz C-class coupe
Mercedes-Benz sacrificed a couple of doors for the new C-class coupe. Wayne Cunningham/CNET

At CNET, we love the current generation of the Mercedes-Benz C-class. This compact sedan comes with solid cabin tech and excellent performance. Incarnated as the C63 AMG, we were blown away by what this car could do and even how it sounds. Now Mercedes-Benz is increasing our C-class pleasure.

At the Geneva auto show, Mercedes-Benz showed off a coupe version of the C-Class, its graceful roofline unbroken by rear doors. But rather than sacrifice all practicality for sleek looks, passengers in the rear seat will find they actually have headroom. And as a note of Mercedes-Benz luxury, the front seats automatically move forward to enable rear access.

As a bonus, Mercedes-Benz showed off its C63 AMG Estate, which we know as a station wagon. But unlike most wagons we've encountered, this one barks and bites. Fitted with an AMG engine, it rushes forward with the force of 457 horses. Mercedes-Benz's seven-speed transmission ensure smart, quick gear changes.

At the same time, there's room for bags full of groceries in the rear. But watch the spirited driving--the C63 AMG will cook everything into a stew.

Now if Mercedes-Benz would only offer an AMG version of the C-class coupe, we could be really happy.